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Jack Freifelder

My name is Jack Freifelder. I'm a reporter with a penchant for sports. But there's more to life than just box scores, and stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to really learn about yourself.


AIIB could play role in stabilizing region: expert

Some countries naturally are looking to the China-led AIIB for infrastructure help, but the bank could play a role in political stability in the Asia-Pacific region, according to one expert. "The only way to avoid conflict in this region is to further regional economic cooperation, and the AIIB can probably play a positive role in this regard," said He Fan, a senior research fellow at the China Finance 40 Forum.
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Alibaba set for video-streaming launch

Alibaba will launch an online video-streaming service similar to products offered by Netflix and HBO. The move is part of the e-commerce giant's ambitions to build a digital entertainment empire in China, where about a half-billion viewers are eager for new amusement channels.
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United marks decade of Beijing service

United Airlines has played a key role in the growing link between the United States and China, according to Nicholas Platt, a former US diplomat in China. "I was there when this all began," said Platt, who accompanied President Richard Nixon on his historic trip to China in 1972.
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Paulson helps China parks

China and the institute founded by Hank Paulson, the ex-US treasury secretary, will work together to establish a national parks system for the country and improve management of all of China's protected areas. On Monday in Beijing, China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) signed a three-year agreement under which the Chicago-based institute will provide research and technological support.
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ICBC opens its first branch in Montreal

The opening of a new branch in Montreal by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the country's largest bank, will mean a strengthening of the trading partnership between Canada and China, said the bank's chairman.
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California flight school to train Chinese pilots

A partnership between a California-based flight school and a Chinese company looking to find pilots for single-engine aircraft is a growth opportunity for both parties, according to one of the school's executives. "For Channel Islands, this is a business growth opportunity," said Sarah Oberman Bartush, chief marketing officer and flight school manager with Channel Islands Aviation in Camarillo, California.
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Panel stresses Chinese, US literature translation

For Chinese and US literature to reach more readers, both need to be translated accurately and properly verified, according to a panel of publishing industry executives.
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Chinese herbs take root in NY

There is little doubt that Chinese herbal medicine - along with acupuncture - is catching on in the US. The increasing numbers of practitioners applying for licenses don't lie. But as with any growing market, the problem becomes supply. When you go shopping for your ginseng, wolfberry or honeylocust, how can you be sure you're getting the good stuff - or even the real thing?
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Robotics industry sees rising demand

As robots are used for a growing number of business and everyday applications, experts say there is a need for more education and a better understanding of the industry. "We have to prepare our workforce, and we have to prepare our students," said Dennis Kambeitz, education and business development leader for Canada-based EZ Robot.
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Beverage battle in China goes beyond colas

After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the US in 1979, Coca-Cola became one of the first international brands to re-enter the Chinese market. PepsiCo Inc followed two years later, bringing the cola wars to the world's most populous country. Fast-forward more than 30 years, and the two soft-drink giants are still battling for market share.
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Princess builds new liner for China

Princess Cruises, a California-based subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Lines, will homeport a new ship in China as early as mid 2017, the company said. The ship will be the first year-round international luxury cruise liner designed and built for the Chinese market, Princess said.
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Apple earnings lifted by 71% sales rise in China

Apple's performance in the Greater China region bolstered the tech giant's second-quarter earnings.
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Jack Freifelder

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