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My name is Jack Freifelder. I'm a reporter with a penchant for sports. But there's more to life than just box scores, and stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to really learn about yourself.


Women’s Final Four: South Carolina clamps down defensively, cruises to win in National Championship game

From the opening tip, there was an edge to South Carolina’s play. It was tough. It was gritty. It was hard-nosed. It was Southeastern Conference basketball at its finest. And on a night when two teams from the SEC met in the national title game vying for their respective school's first basketball championship, the Gamecocks stood tall with a 67-55 defeat of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

UConn women's basketball: Record winning streak falls against Mississippi State in Final Four

It’s been a matchup more than a year in the making. Maybe some didn’t see it that way given the shellacking that UConn gave Mississippi State in last year’s Sweet Sixteen — a 98-38 defeat — but Bulldogs head coach Vic Schaefer knew he wanted a chance to flip the script on the Huskies. He didn’t know how long it would take or where it would come, but he knew his team would be ready if and when they got their opportunity.

Women's college basketball: Six storylines to follow at the Final Four

It all comes down to this: Four teams will enter and one will emerge victorious. With the tipoff of the Women’s Final Four just around the corner, it’s time to get ready to crown a champion in the world of DI women’s college basketball. And before fans go anointing UConn with the championship for the fifth straight year in a row, there are some interesting items to keep an eye on heading into the biggest weekend of the college basketball season.

March Madness: Memorable moments in recent Big Ten tournament history

With the Big Ten tournament relocating to Washington for the first time in conference history, it's as good a time as any to look back on some of the most memorable moments that the event has provided over the years. And as's Mike Lopresti notes, there are plenty of storylines to follow as the Big Ten Tournament kicks off:

College basketball: Teams to make the NCAA tournament with double-digit losses

With an automatic bid available to only 32 teams in the NCAA tournament, the 36 schools left jockeying for open spots need as many wins, and as many quality wins, as possible. Several teams waiting to hear their name called on Selection Sunday this year will have at least 10 losses. Some will have even more.

College basketball: Mid-major conference tournament moments

As the regular-season races around the nation begin to wind down, the prospect of postseason basketball begins to take shape. Who’s in? Who’s out? Who really knows? No team wants to worry about going the at-large bid route to the NCAA tournament. But there are only 32 automatic bids to the tournament each year.

College basketball: Duke-UNC, 12 other college sports rivalries you should know

Thursday will mark the 243rd meeting between Duke and North Carolina, a series that UNC leads 134-108. This is college basketball’s version of the Capulets and the Montagues: They may not know why they hate each other. They just know that's what they’re supposed to do. While the Tar Heels and Blue Devils have given college basketball fans plenty to reminisce about through the years, it’s far from the only well-known feud in college sports.

Florida State basketball: ‘Noles riding high after six-game AP Top 25 slog

Finally, a chance for a breather for the Seminoles of Florida State. Yes, 2017 has brought trials and tribulations aplenty for head coach Leonard Hamilton and his precocious crew from Tallahassee, Florida. which boasts four underclassmen among its top five scorers — has handled the adversity with aplomb.

Wine in the US: 'Made in China' is rare

China has moved into many markets in the United States, but there is one where the 'Made in China' label is rare: wine. The world's second-largest wine grower is focusing on its huge domestic market, report Jack Freifelder and Bian Jibu from New York. China now has more vineyards than France, Italy, Australia and the United States.
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China's plan to move from being 83

China has the money, the population and a dedicated fan base for a world-class soccer team, but it doesn't have one. That may change with the country's unveiling of a plan this week to eventually get that team, JACK FREIFELDER reports from New York. One number can be used to summarize the woeful story of the sport of soccer in China: 83.
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Giving it away in China

How philanthropic are China's new billionaires and millionaires? Experts in the world of giving say the potential is there, but the motivation and mechanisms for giving may not be, reports Jack Freifelder from New York.
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Why getting cut from the Olympics could actually help baseball

Getting cut from the 2012 Olympics was a watershed moment for baseball and softball, the first sports to be dropped since polo in 1936. Things didn’t get much better when golf and rugby snagged the final two spots on the Olympic docket for 2016. But baseball and softball organizations have tried to take it in stride.
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Jack Freifelder

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